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Crunching the numbers in Maths Week

Congratulations to all the students who got involved in Numeracy Week 2019. The rate of participation was better than ever. We had over 200 students try to guess the number of lollies in the jar with only one student who gave the correct answer (which was 324 lollies). Students of all year levels were involved in problem solving, maths quizzes, a rubics cube challenge, maths trivia and activities which ran every lunchtime in the library

 Numeracy Week revealed not only how students put mathematical skills to good use when solving problems but also how they used creative skills for activities like photography and origami.

Thank you to all staff involved in running the activities and also in motivating everyone to get involved in the lunchtime activities.  Thanks also go to the library staff for their help and support during the week.

 To all the students: we congratulate you for your efforts and really appreciate your good natured participation and enthusiasm.

Mrs L Bacak

Maths Coordinator


Origami- 1st: Annie Huynh 10E and Natalie Phan 10I  (joint construction)

                 2nd:  Makayla Nguyen 8J

                  3rd:  Vanessa Le  9J

 Photography-    Symmetry – Katie Vo, 7J
                           Tessellation – Vincent Nguyen, 8H
                           Sequences of Pattern – Yvonne Doan-Nguyen, 10I

Maths Relay-   1st: Vu Nguyen 8F             2nd:  Angelina Duong 10G

Rubics Cube-  Gordon Choo 11C  (12 seconds to complete the cube!)

Maths Stars Challenge-   Vincent Nguyen 8H

Maths trivia:        a large group of year 11 students followed closely by year 9’s

Book Week and Secret Powers

Our Book Week theme this year was “Reading is my secret power.” The Library was covered in comic book themes decorations and the book display focused on Super Powers and People Power. 

Students participated in lunchtime activities such as creating poems with found words for the Poetree, created a Manga Mural, disappeared under the invisibility cloak, folded origami sorting hats, faced ‘Would you rather?’ conundrums about their reading habits and tested their YA book knowledge with a Kahoot. 

Staff were treated to a morning tea with book themed treats and dressed up as their favourite book characters. 

Another big highlight was the Indigenous Literacy Foundation Great Book Swap coordinated by Ms Hobbs. This was a huge success and lots of fun.

Thanks to all of the staff and students who helped make Book Week a very special event. 

Special thanks to Ms Gardiner, Mr Leong, The library duty team consisting of Ms Hobbs, Ms Forster and Ms Gregory and student-teacher, Ms Georgiou. 

LaToya Donnellan 


Sensational Science Week

Not sure if THAT is school uniform

As a part of the celebration for the 50th Anniversary of the Apollo moon landing students took part in a number of activities that not only focused on space but also the other topics in Science. Activities ranged from K’NEX construction challenge, live native animal exhibit, the chemistry of Bath-Bombs, Sphero coding of the Solar system, documentary of the first moon landing and the main event Kahoot Trivia.

Overall the week was an amazing success as many students across all year levels got involved in the activities and had a great time experiencing concepts and objects that they would not experience in their normal classroom.

Cupcake Success

RSPCA cupcake sale was a complete success with many students and staff coming down to the library to support a great cause. Thanks go out to all staff and students that baked or help sell cupcakes.

Pride and Acceptance Collection – Wavelength

Wear it Purple day is on August the 30th and is a day to foster supportive, safe, empowering and inclusive environments for LGBT+ young people.

To celebrate, the Wavelength group will be collecting your art and writing submissions for a Pride and Acceptance Collection.  We encourage all and any submission for the collection ranging from a drawing to a letter for someone of the LBGT+ community or even your own story of acceptance.  Submissions can be anonymous or include your name and homegroup for house points. We will be accepting submissions from now until the 26th of August. You can drop them in at the year 7 & 8 Coordinators office or email them to

The Wavelength group will gladly welcome you to our group meeting every  Tuesday lunch in B12 if you want to work on a piece or want to show support. We look forward to your support and hope to see some amazing pieces.
Thank you,
from the Wavelength student group.

RSPCA Bake Sale

Braybrook’s 7th Cupcake Day will be held next Monday 19th August at lunchtime in the library foyer.  Bring small change and purchase baked goods for a great cause. If you would like help, sign up here:

All the funds you raise from Cupcake Day will go towards helping the animals that turn to the RSPCA for help. The funds support shelter operations, keeping Inspectors on the road, provide emergency veterinary care to animals in need, and allowing the RSPCA to prosecute those who have been cruel to animals. The funds are also invested in community education programs, which work to create a future free from animal cruelty by empowering people with knowledge about proper animal care.
For more info about the difference your donation can make, click here:

Donate books

As part of book week running 26th to the 30th of August, Braybrook College will be running a book swap. Swap your old boring books for brand new books for $2 and help the Indigenous Literacy Foundation.

Multicultural Week

This week from the 20th to the 24th of May Braybrook college celebrates the many cultures that come together to make our welcoming and accepting school.

events include
Monday: Cultural Performances (Library)
Tuesday: Kpop Kahootz (Library)
Wednesday: Cultural Performances
Thursday: Refugee Migrant Children Center School Drive
Friday: Staff and Student House Soccer

“The 39 Steps” a production from the year 12 Theatre studies Class

The year 12 Theatre proudly present “The 39 Steps”.
Performances dates and times:
Wednesday @ 5:00pm
Thursday @ 5:00pm
Friday @ 7:00pm
Email to reserve a seat. $5 a ticket.

School Tours in Term 2