Well-being Programs

At Braybrook College, we know that students learn best when they feel respected, safe, connected and valued as members of our community. As such, we have a comprehensive team responsible for the well-being of its students led by Ms Hadzisavas who manages all referrals.  Our approach to their wellbeing is a blend of proactive programs and support when a specific individual need emerges. The proactive approaches are intended to give a students a sense of belonging, educate them about the choices they make and develop their resilience to become productive members of the community.

Parents and students are invited to contact Ms Hadzisavas for extra support.

The Year Level Co-ordinators and Sub-School Leaders are also available to support students and they may refer issues to the Well-being Team at any time.


  • Ms P Hadzisavas

Student Well-being Co-ordinator

  • Ms D Brachmanis

Anti-Bullying and Harassment Contact Person

  • Ms A Waleryszek

Youth Support Officer

  • Ms M Beck-Godoy

Social Worker

  • Ms J Albrecht

Health Promotion Nurse

  • Mr C Lekakis

Drug Education & Health Education Contact Person

  • Ms Maya Obucina


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