2015 Sub-School Leaders

Year 7 & 8: Ms N. Peric

Year 9 & 10: Ms C. Brereton

Year 11 & 12 Leader: Ms T. Gadea


The College is structured around three Sub-Schools:

  • Junior (Years 7 and 8),
  • Middle (Years 9 and 10)
  • Senior (Years 11 and 12).

The role of the Sub-School  Leader is to provide leadership and support for all staff and students at their year levels.

A Sub-School Leader ensures  a body of knowledge and experience is maintained at these levels when existing Year Level Co-ordinators move on, and are excellent mentors when new Year Level Co-ordinators are appointed. They support staff to create an environment that encourages student engagement, achievement and where specialist programs are developed.

Sub-School Leaders share their office with their Year Level Co-ordinators and Assistant Year Level Co-ordinators, and are another valuable resource for staff and students.

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