Swimming Carnival

Braybrook staff hold trials and training sessions for competition at Divisional Level against schools such as:

  • Gilmore College for Girls
  • Footscray City College
  • Maribyrnong Secondary College
  • Brookside P-9 College
  • Creekside P-9 College
  • Springside P-9 College
  • Lakeview Senior College

When teams are successful at an inter-school level, they progress onto the Western Metropolitan Region competition and compete against the winners from the other divisions. The winners from the Western Metropolitan Region  then competes at the Conference Level, with the top 2 teams going through to compete at the state competition level

At Braybrook we offer a range of sports where we compete against other schools in our division.

The following are some of the team and individual sports that are available to all students

  • Girls and Boys Athletics
  • Girls and Boys Badminton
  • Girls and Boys Basketball
  • Girls and Boys Tennis
  • Girls and Boys Cross Country
  • Girls and Boys Soccer
  • Girls and Boys Swimming
  • Girls and Boys Table Tennis
  • Girls and Boys Volleyball
  • Girls Tag Rugby
  • Girls Tackle Rugby
  • Girls Netball
  • Boys Cricket
  • Boys Football
  • Boys Rugby 7s (League)
  • Boys Rugby 13s (League)
  • Boys Rugby 10s (Union)


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